Your bowels are speaking to you… are you listening?

Our bodies are constantly giving us messages as to what it needs. The key to those messages is to have the understanding of their meaning.

Bowel movements are one of the easiest ways to check your body’s elimination pathways on a regular basis. The information can tell you and your practitioner how your vital organs of elimination are working, how hydrated you are, and provide a good overview of your internal health.

The big question is, “What is a healthy bowel movement?” It is best to look at what is a healthy, natural bowel movement, than what is “normal.” In this day and age of heavy-duty pharmaceuticals, processed and/or genetically modified foods and polluted water, constipation is often considered “normal.”

In Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care, he remarks on the findings of a study, conducted while he was attending the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, which proved this was a major issue. Of 300 cadavers, 285 claimed to have had normal bowel movements with no constipation. In fact, some stated they had 5-6 bowel movements per day. What was discovered during autopsies was that out of the 300 cadavers, 285 did have constipation issues. Some of them were so impacted that the colon was 12 inches in diameter!

Signs of a healthy bowel movement:

  • There should be at least 2 bowel movements per day
    – The circadian rhythm of the large intestine is between 5-7am
  • Bowels should move easily
    – No strain
    – No pain
    – No cramping
    – No explosive gas
  • Should be large
    – Diameter (a normal adult colon is about 2-3 inches in diameter)
    – Quantity
  • It should hold together
  • Smooth on the outside
    – Should be the shape of the inside of the colon
    – If not, there is dehydration or incomplete evacuation
  • Should be brown
  • Shouldn’t sink or float, but bob
    – Putrefaction
    – Are you not emulsifying fat?
    – Is there a gallbladder/bile issue?
  • Should be very little odor
    – There will be odor, but not offensive
    – Identifies good digestion

If you are experiencing bowel movements unlike the circumstances outlined above, this is an indication your intestinal flow is blocked. A blockage in intestinal flow will result in toxins being dumped in the bloodstream. From the bloodstream the liver, kidneys attempt to filter as much as possible. Congestion at this level will upset mineral balance, hydration and continued toxicity in the bloodstream.

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