All About Spagyric Processing

Our Energetix line utilizes the spagyric process. The spagyric process results in potent, pure, & effective botanicals!

What is the spagyric process?

The spagyric process…
“Spagyric” comes from the Greek words “spaein” (divide) and “agarein” (unite). Dividing and uniting represent the basis of the spagyric processing method. This method of extraction was defined by Paracelsus in the 16th century and is still utilized today by a handful of manufacturers to create the highest quality, handcrafted remedies available.

Spagyric remedies are…

  • handcrafted
  • bioavailable
  • pure & clean
  • mineral rich
  • highly concentrated
  • gentle & effective

Spagyric processing involves 3 steps:

1. Separation
Pure raw materials are separated (divided) into their constituent parts which consist of water, pulp, and oil.

2. Purification/Extraction
Each constituent goes through a purification/extraction process which releases all the principles of the plant including the oil-soluble, the water-soluble, the non-mineral, and the mineral. This process allows the body to take the fullest possible advantage of the healing properties of the whole herb.

3. Reunification
The final step in the spagyric processing method is to reunite all the purified and concentrated plant constituents back into one substance.

Benefits of Spagyric Processing

  • ensures maximum extraction of the raw material
  • includes the vital healing components of plant minerals found mainly in the pulp and only available by this means of extraction
  • creates a product that is more concentrated and bioavailable than the original raw material, while leaving all the original trace minerals and elements from the water-soluble, oil soluble, non-mineral, and mineral components intact

What does this mean for the practitioner & you, the client?
Spagyrically-processed remedies are clean, highly concentrated, and easy to absorb, even for a compromised digestive system, making them ideal for addressing causative factors in a timely, gently, and highly effective manner.

How does this method differ from more common methods of processing?
The spagyric processing method is able to make use of the entire plant, including the water-soluble and oil-soluble components and mineral rich pulp. Traditional methods of extraction utilize either an infusion or decoction method which extracts only the water-soluble properties, or utilizes a tincture method which only extracts the oil-soluble properties, or process raw materials into powders or tablets which require more effort from the body to assimilate, and therefore, are not immediately made available to the body.

Why is this method of processing not more widely recognized?
Spagyric processing is an intricate science that is labor intensive, time-consuming, and highly specific. A single batch of a spagyrically-processed Energetix remedy takes a minimum of 40 days to produce. Most companies are not willing to invest in such an intricate and time-consuming process.

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