What Does A Healthy Person Look Like?

What does optimal health look like to you?  Here at Advanced Nutrition & Energetics we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create their best life.  When we think about having a vibrant life we believe you should be free of pain, at your ideal weight, have a clear mind and plenty of energy each and every day.  Maybe this sounds a bit unrealistic to you.  Maybe it sounds a lot unrealistic to you!  Great news….we think it is very achievable.  We believe this because we see it happening all around us with our clients…everyday!  We have the tools and the support to help you get there too.  Here is how we do it:

  • We teach you about proper nutrition.  We test your body to identify exactly what your body needs to heal and thrive.  Sometimes this can be achieved with food, but often it includes high quality supplements for a period of time too.
  • We assist your body with digestion.  Sadly, our food supply is pretty toxic these days.  Ensuring proper digestion is very important if you want the nutrients you are taking in to nourish, heal, protect, and maintain a vibrant body.
  • Movement.  We encourage moderate exercise that matchs your body type, is enjoyable, and supports your body without contributing to additional stress.
  • Pure, clean water is also essential to optimal health.  50-65% of your body is made up of water.  We know nourishing your body with water each day can reduce stress, increase your clarity, and boost your energy.  Despite efforts to drink water, many of us are still dehydrated.  We know some easy ways to assist your body with water absorption if you think this might be happening to you.
  • We encourage you to take inventory of the quality of the air you breathe.  How is the air in your work environment?  Home?  Have you taken the opportunity to be outside for a few minutes?  In addition, how conscious are you of your breath?  Breathing deeply is very cleansing and so important to fighting fatigue.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, we encourage you to think positive, bring joy into your life and reconnect to your creativity.

This may still sound pretty daunting.  We can help you set appropriate and achievable goals.  No matter what your current state of health, if you take small steps with us, big things can happen right before your eyes!


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