The Healing Process

The healing process is often described as “peeling an onion.”  As each imbalance or weakness within the body is addressed, a layer of the onion dissolves moving the body closer to wholeness.   Typically this process continues until there are no layers of weakness left to find and this is what constitutes a body returning to optimal health.  As each layer is peeled it may be surprising to discover the onset of symptoms that had not formerly existed or the return of old symptoms.  This is very normal, explainable, and a good sign that progress is being made.

The human body is working constantly to heal and repair itself.  In an effort to correct chronic imbalances, remove stressors, and heal chronic wounds, the body attempts to save energy and create reserves.  If given a chance, the body will completely repair and renew itself to a perfect state.  For example, every eight days the old lining of the intestines is replaced with a new lining.  If given the support, toxins are removed, and the systems of the body are working together, the new intestinal lining will be stronger and more functional than the previous one.   The way to support this is by removing stressors (foods, metals, chemicals, immune challenges, and scars), providing vital nutrition and homeopathics, and practice a lifestyle that respects the needs and natural rhythms of the body.  This is why Advanced Nutrition and Energetics approaches your health in a holistic way.  We support the concept of slowly and methodically nurturing your body back to strength, system after system, cell after cell.

One of the most confusing things about the healing process is what has been called the “retracing phenomenon” or the “healing crisis.”  It has been said that any step of degeneration or decline that the body went through in the process of becoming ill has to return during the process of becoming well.  Step by step.  Sometimes this means that symptoms will get worse before they get better, and this often conflicts with our desires to simply feel better.

Typically a healing crisis is relatively short lived.  Retracing symptoms can last anywhere from an hour to at most, a few days.  One way that one can distinguish between disease symptoms and healing symptoms is how quickly the healing symptoms change and develop into something new.  Often while these healing symptoms are occurring there is a simultaneous general sense of well-being and improved energy.

Healing symptoms often involve clearing mucus such as phlegm, diarrhea, excessive urination and aching in muscles and joints, headaches, or any symptoms that might have been experienced in the process of becoming ill.   This is especially true in chronic illnesses or imbalances that have existed for a prolonged period of time.  For example, in removing heavy metals from the body, it is common to experience nausea, headaches, a metallic taste in the mouth, and/or ringing in the ears.  These symptoms can be uncomfortable and scary, but they are normal and actually a very positive sign that healing is happening.

There is no greater power than the vital force behind a healing crisis to bring the body back to wellness and balance.  In general we do not yet fully comprehend the healing power of the body.  For too long our culture has been largely focused on the removal of all symptoms.  In fact, we associate healing with the fast removal of symptoms or the lack of discomfort or pain.  True, authentic healing of acute and chronic issues occurs when we allow our body the opportunity to expel all the burdens of the disease process.   Working through the many layers of the onion is a process.  A process that can be truly amazing with benefits far beyond what we can see and often even believe.  So, when you are struggling through a series of symptoms, and it is difficult to understand or you feel like giving up, honor your body, breathe, drink plenty of fresh water, rest, and ask questions.  We are here to support you and your healing process!

What Does A Healthy Person Look Like?

What does optimal health look like to you?  Here at Advanced Nutrition & Energetics we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create their best life.  When we think about having a vibrant life we believe you should be free of pain, at your ideal weight, have a clear mind and plenty of energy each and every day.  Maybe this sounds a bit unrealistic to you.  Maybe it sounds a lot unrealistic to you!  Great news….we think it is very achievable.  We believe this because we see it happening all around us with our clients…everyday!  We have the tools and the support to help you get there too.  Here is how we do it:

  • We teach you about proper nutrition.  We test your body to identify exactly what your body needs to heal and thrive.  Sometimes this can be achieved with food, but often it includes high quality supplements for a period of time too.
  • We assist your body with digestion.  Sadly, our food supply is pretty toxic these days.  Ensuring proper digestion is very important if you want the nutrients you are taking in to nourish, heal, protect, and maintain a vibrant body.
  • Movement.  We encourage moderate exercise that matchs your body type, is enjoyable, and supports your body without contributing to additional stress.
  • Pure, clean water is also essential to optimal health.  50-65% of your body is made up of water.  We know nourishing your body with water each day can reduce stress, increase your clarity, and boost your energy.  Despite efforts to drink water, many of us are still dehydrated.  We know some easy ways to assist your body with water absorption if you think this might be happening to you.
  • We encourage you to take inventory of the quality of the air you breathe.  How is the air in your work environment?  Home?  Have you taken the opportunity to be outside for a few minutes?  In addition, how conscious are you of your breath?  Breathing deeply is very cleansing and so important to fighting fatigue.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, we encourage you to think positive, bring joy into your life and reconnect to your creativity.

This may still sound pretty daunting.  We can help you set appropriate and achievable goals.  No matter what your current state of health, if you take small steps with us, big things can happen right before your eyes!


Simply Homeopathy

A Brief History of Homeopathy…

Homeopathy has been called “the original alternative medicine,” yet it is neither an herbal medicine nor a dietary regimen. This form of medicine was discovered over two hundred years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a chemist and personal physician to the German royal family. Disillusioned with the medical practices of his time, Hahnemann stumbled across written studies that demonstrated the principles of the law of similars. Through this principle he found a gentle means of stimulating the body’s innate healing ability and coined the term “homeopathy” from the Latin words homoion (similar) and pathein (disease, suffering). “Let like be cured with like,” was Hahnemann’s philosophy.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy works based upon the law of similar: like cures like. A homeopathic remedy is simply a dilution of one or several plant, mineral, or animal substances. The substances are diluted until either none or very little of the original substance remains. It is important to note that in homeopathy the energetic signal, rather than the substance, is considered to have the healing effect. Remarkably, the weakest dilutions are considered the be the most potent, as they are designed to work at a deep cellular level.

The application of homeopathic principle is similar in some ways to vaccination, although it is a very different process. When ingested, the homeopathic remedy signals the body to elicit its natural immune response, leading towards internal balance and the restoration of health.

For example, poison ivy creates rashes and itching, but when the elements of poison ivy are prepared and administered as a homeopathic remedy, they can help the body overcome the same symptoms – like cures like.

How Will I Benefit from Using Homeopathy?

There are numerous benefits of utilizing homeopathy as part of an overall healing strategy:

  • It is gentle and effective.
  • It is backed by over 200 years of sound research and application.
  • When utilized properly, it can assist the body in resolving ailments at the causative level.
  • It complements the innate healing wisdom of the body.
  • The remedies are easy to take & pleasant tasting.

Is Homeopathy Right for Me?

Every person’s health and healing process is unique, so it is important that you consult with Kara Hanks, RN or Mark Crosser, DC, our two practitioners, about the best combinations of remedies for you.

The following is a list of some different types of Energetix homeopathics that our practitioners may recommend:

  • Nosode Detoxifiers: encourages the release of toxins from deep within the cells.
  • Drainage & Tonification Remedies: drain & tone the organs, glands, & tissues.
  • Sarcodes: supply the body with a blueprint of healthy tissue from which to rebuild.
  • Flower Essences: based on the research of Dr. Edward Bach, these remedies promote emotional stability, balance, and renewal.

If you would like more information on homeopathy, begin by speaking to our practitioners, they can help you understand how homeopathy relates to your specific healing strategy. We also have informative literature as part of lending library.