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Many clients come to Advanced Nutrition and Energetics to experience both nutrition and energy. However, there is an equal amount of clients experiencing benefits from one or the other. The choice is really up to you, what you are comfortable with, and what fits your needs. Kara’s wide and eclectic background allows her to change her approach from quite clinical to intuitive depending upon your comfort level and background.

To make an appointment or to have any questions answered, feel free to contact Kara directly at (603) 312-8036 or If you would simply like to schedule an appointment you can also call (603) 332-3232 to reach a receptionist or click the button below to book an appointment through the online scheduler.

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An intake form is available directly from this website. It is important to complete this paperwork before your arrival to our office on your first visit. Please feel free to download the form, print it out, and take your time completing the four page document. It greatly assists Kara with your initial assessment.

Some general points of interest:

  • We would ask that you do not wear black to your appointments. Black can block energy and may not produce the most accurate results with some of our testing procedures.
  • Please try to drink plenty of water every day, but certainly on the day of your visit to ensure accuracy in our procedures.

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to use the bathroom, relax, have some water, and take advantage of the many tools available to you in our waiting room.

Long Distance Services

Long distance services are offered for those living outside the New Hampshire area.

The technique Kara uses to connect to her clients has allowed her to effectively and efficiently work with nutrition clients throughout the United States. Keeping connected through email, phone, and other media sources, Kara guides clients through their personal process to optimal health and wellness. Typically, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments are necessary to monitor progress. All products necessary for your success will be easily shipped to you directly.

Energy Healing is easily and effectively offered by phone. A typical session lasts 1 hour and is scheduled during office hours. Kara requires you to be in a comfortable, safe place during your healing session. The best place is at home and lying down. These energy sessions are deep and equally effective as an in office visit, therefore it is important to be in a quiet environment to obtain the greatest benefit and ensure safety.

To get started please contact Kara by phone (603) 312-8036 or email to set up an initial appointment for evaluation.

Paperwork & Forms

New Client Intake Form
Permission Form
Systems Survey Form
Energy Healing — New Patient Form