Energy Healing

The impact of your life experiences continue to weave a delicate web of who and what you become…these experiences offer a portal for transformative healing of your soul. Energetic Soul Therapy promotes your state of highest frequency creating perfect alignment for your soul’s purpose and your body’s optimal health.

crystalAs a shaman and energy healer trained in several modalities, Kara works with your energy bodies to release old patterns, rid beliefs no longer serving your higher purpose, and shift your energy to support your new truths. This allows you to release all that no longer serves you; giving you the freedom to create the life you want in joyfulness and inner peace. During your energy healing session, Kara becomes a vessel and communicator between spirit, you, and your energetic body. She combines her gifts of feeling, knowing, hearing, and seeing to identify your areas of imbalance, clears these imbalances, and assists you to live the life of your desires. Each session is unique offering an interactive yet relaxing and powerful experience.

Kara is committed to your personal growth and transformation. Working from her heart center she connects to your heart center and holds sacred space for you to truly heal and manifest. As old beliefs, patterns, and ideas are carried away, peace, joy, and serenity open you to your authentic self, your highest purpose, and your soul’s greatest expression.

Each and every healing is different. Kara works with her spirit guides, your guides, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, and other divine beings to offer you divine insight as she works to increase the vibration of with your energy fields.

Spirit is calling… begin your journey of living your authentic life.