Guided meditations, visualizations, and shamanic journeying have long been used to reduce stress, calm the mind, and promote overall well-being. Many are familiar with guided meditation and visualization, but may be less familiar with the process of a shamanic journey. The shamanic journey is an ancient tool that was used to connect the divine to find answers or solutions to problems in everyday life. This invaluable tool is needed more than ever today as life has become extremely busy. A great disconnect has occurred between the heart and the head. As a population we are so much more in our heads and making decisions from our ego. We have forgotten how to live from our hearts.

The audio files below are offered to support you on your personal spiritual journey. Stress, anxiety, and depression are more prevalent than ever before. The energy of our universe is very dynamic right now and solid, consistent support is important and necessary to thrive.

These audios are designed to help you to connect into your heart center. It is in our hearts that we will find the guidance we need to be adaptable and successful during these difficult, yet promising, times. Using these tools daily will help you to clear your energy field of vibrations that are not in alignment with your highest purpose. Over time your energetic vibration will increase helping you to feel more balanced and less fatigued. May these experiences bring you greater joy and a sense of serenity that you will be inspired to share with others.

Please continue to check back with us, as more files will be added regularly.

Approximately a 9 minute meditation to begin and/or end your day. This experience offers you the opportunity to create a grounding cord into Mother Earth and Father Sky to connect with their energies. This allows you to clear energy that is not in alignment with you and calibrates your energies with Mother Earth and Father Sky – the energies of the cosmos. This is an essential element to living a spiritually based life.

Approximately an 18 minute journey to introduce you to the concept of shamanic journey work. This experience allows you to connect with an animal totem. Animal totems can be temporary or can be with you for life. Connecting with the energies of your totem animals allows you to harness their energies for the purpose of guidance, protection, or creation of new aspects of yourself.

A ten minute guided visualization to establish grounding and a connection into Mother Earth. This exercise allows you to connect with “nature” to be cleansed and empowered. Creates a sense of wholeness within you when you are feeling scattered. Great mediation to do every day!

A thirty minute mediation to clear and recalibrate the chakras and the entire energetic body using the color gold. Harnessing the energy of the fall equinox, this experience also offers space to release old energies and patterns you are feel no longer serve your highest good. This allows new energy and opportunities of manifestation to come into your space.

Approximately a 20 minute visualization taking you to a sacred space and holding an energetic space for you to gain clarity in your life. Allows you to receive guidance, connect with spirit guides, or to simply reconnect with your own energies. Great experience to do weekly to keep you connected with your highest purpose and receive information from the divine.