“I wanted to thank you for the amazing energy work you did with me the other evening. Letting me know about my guardian angel had a significant impact for me as well as all the information you shared throughout the process. I did feel like I was lighter and I have significantly more range of motion to my neck. I also have had really positive results with the nutritional counseling.You are extremely gifted and I am so glad that I was referred to the office for chiropractic care which allowed me to find out about you. Thanks so much for the work you do and for sharing it with those that can benefit from it.” — RH

“Kara has helped me accomplish what a hundred doctors have failed at; healing my physical body and helping me heal from my emotional trauma! I am healthier now than I have ever been. I cannot imagine what my health or state of mind would be like if Kara had not been there to help me heal. I feel truly blessed. — Chris Nelson

“Experiencing Kara’s work has been incredibly transformative.” – M. G.

“Kara, I just had to tell you of a conversation I had the other day with my esthetician. I have been going to her for the last 8 years, and she knows my skin completely. During my facial she asked “What are you doing? Your skin is so much healthier”. I told her how I had started seeing you for Nutritional Response Testing. She said she had heard about you. I said “she walks on water” and she said “That’s what I’ve heard”!! And I know it’s true!! I’m so grateful for finding you. Thank you for helping me feel the best I’ve felt in a VERY long time.” – Sue Syrek

“Kara is a gentle compassionate healer.” – G. L.

“I love getting Shamanic Healing sessions from Kara. I am totally in awe with her abilities. I have never experienced anyone with so much ability to access Divine Energy. It has helped me to release past hurts mentally, physically, and emotionally.” – S. S.

“Your insight on one of my issues in working with my mother has changed our relationship dramatically. I thank you for your guidance with this difficult relationship. You have helped me to see how very important my healing work was for both of us. There is a significant difference.” – E. B.

“I have been in pain for the last 10-12 years and have had multiple food and environmental reactions. I have seen every western doctor imaginable (neurologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, pulmonary specialists, allergists, OB-GYNs) along with three visits to medical spas (including Canyon Ranch) and alternative doctors. I am now finally getting relief working with Kara Hanks and Advanced Nutrition and Energetics. My food and environmental sensitivities are down (especially when I stick to Kara’s food recommendations:)). I’m sleeping better and my pain is greatly diminished after just 2 1/2 months. As far as I’m concerned this is miraculous. I’m starting to get my life back and would enthusiastically recommend Kara to anyone.” – Michele Grennon

“Thank you again for the amazing healing today. I am in such a better state of being.” – B. C.

“I started going to Kara back in late September, 2012, after being introduced to it by a friend who was going to her & benefitted greatly from it. Another friend who is going has stabilized their diabetes and also lost weight. It’s only been 3+ months since I’ve been seeing Kara, and I FEEL FANTASTIC! I noticed a change right away. (I had a pain in my right hip whenever I got up from sitting down, and after going to her for about a week, no pain in my hip – NONE AT ALL. And it feels GOOD now; I’m walking as though there was never anything wrong with it!  I’ve also lost 17 lbs (w/o even trying), and am feeling so much stamina now. I can go up the 3 flights of stairs where I work w/o panting (or stopping) by the time I get to the top; I can also lift things like the 20+ lbs of kitty litter much more easily. It’s amazing! And I’d like to share my experience with you in hopes you’ll find the same transformation to becoming what you didn’t think you could – losing weight, feeling better, etc.” – Cathy

“Thank you so much for your healing energies. My time with my son has been better, so much better. I expected that he would be different after the “energy cord” but he’s still the same 17 year old he was before. What is different is me, and my perception of the relationship. What you did changed my entire outlook with my son. I no longer allow his 17 year old “ness” to rattle or frustrate me. Thanks again!” – J. W.

“With each healing, Kara, I have deepened my connection to Spirit, I have found my voice and I am living with more peace and joy than ever before! Thank you for all you have given me. I have grown so much.” – D.N.

“My journey began with Kara in September 2010. Prior to that I was struggling with anxiety, anger, frustration, depression, high cholesterol and fatigue. For three years I had been on a hormone replacement medication and also one for depression/anxiety, I wasn’t happy with the side effects or the feelings I had about putting those medications into my body. But, I did not feel like I had options not to be on them because conventional doctors make us feel like we don’t have alternatives. I set up an appointment with Kara for a consultation to discuss my diet and what changes I desired to make. Once the recommended changes were discussed I began to alter my diet and started the homeopathic products. Also I began to receive energy healings from Kara which tremendously helped with my anxiety, anger and frustration I had been trying to change but was unable to make that happen and now with Kara’s wonderful ability I am seeing amazing results happen. Now in November 2010 just a short time after consulting with Kara I feel like my life has taken a 360 degree turn, she is an amazing gifted woman and so knowledgeable in her field of expertise. I hope if anyone is struggling with any of the issues I was that you will give Kara a call to set up a consultation so you may also begin to feel how it is to live a healthy life with balance in mind, body, emotion and spirit. Thanks Kara for your guidance, I feel like my life is becoming balanced inside and out and I look forward to our continued journey together on my path to health and well-being.” – Daneen, Rochester NH