About Us / Our Mission

Welcome to Advanced Nutrition & Energetics!  Our mission is to provide authentic, personalized, up to date holistic resources and support.  We understand the complexity of staying healthy in today’s world and the importance of balancing science and nature.  Our services were birthed from each of our own personal health challenges.  The modalities we offer are a direct result of the synergistic process used to support our journeys to greater health and balance.

We understand optimal health is an intricate balance of mind, body, and spirit.  We are complex beings and most often the health we are experiencing today was not created overnight.  Each of our decisions creating layers of dysfunction or supporting the body’s natural rhythms to come into balance.

Every practitioner at Advanced Nutrition & Energetics is exceptionally trained and has fine-tuned their intuition.  Their foundational expertise is in BioEnergetic Nutrition, Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Homeopathy and Medical Intuition.  From this foundation, all of our practitioners have chosen a specific path to deepen their passions and enhance their area of expertise.

We help you achieve this through a multi-level approach.  Imbalances in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body can create any number of symptoms anywhere in the body.  As we say, “anything can cause anything.”  Our practitioners are trained to identify the route of imbalances and the pathway of correction necessary to cultivate balance in a way that is as gentle and efficient as possible.  Every single client is approached uniquely.  Even when circumstances appear similar, the approach is often different.  Our ability to co-create unique pathways for each of our clients sets our level of service apart.

Emotional trauma is a key factor in any disease process.  Every session offers the opportunity to identify energetic imprints that are not part of the wholeness desired for a happy, balanced life.  All interactions with clients include intuitive guidance and conversations with the energy body to identify what each client specifically needs to begin their process of returning to balance and creating their desired level of health.

We are passionate about teaching families, our community and the world about a new paradigm for wellness.  Through continuous research, active listening, and many modalities that comprehensively prepare for positive change on all four aspects of the human – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – our clients are guided and supported to achieve the life of joy, success, and health they desire.

We are so delighted you have discovered Advanced Nutrition & Energetics.  We are confident our team will be a positive resource for you, your family, and friends.

In Gratitude,

Dr. Kara

Dr. Kara Hanks, Founder