Reiki is a gentle hands on healing-technique, which helps to remove tension and stress from the client’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This healing technique works by channeling conscious love into each chakra, activating and bringing balance to the mind, body, and soul. By eliminating emotional, mental, or physical blocks, the body is empowered to self-heal.  Clients feel very relaxed, comparable to how one may after a massage; light and at ease.

The Reiki Program offered through Advanced Nutrition and Energetics is an extensive introduction to energy work. Hope covers the history, setting sacred space, client procedures, chakra education, and meditations. Hope includes thorough manuals and chakra crystal sets for the students! Each Reiki certification (levels 1, 2, and master) is an interactive healing experiences. Hope introduces the group to the benefits of doTERRA essential oils, guided group meditations, and performs group energy healings. There is “homework” each week and follow up communications, where each student will connect with Hope as their mentor.  Each participant walks away with a new found perspective, self- confidence, and a practicioner certification!  Check our calendar for the upcoming programs and pricing. Feel free to email Hope with any questions.

Hope’s Philosophy: “I choose to teach Reiki this way because the attunement process starts or ramps up the healing journey. It is a grounding and humbling experience to hold space for others to heal, but we must peel back enough layers of our own to truly be able to perform an effective reiki session. Becoming a channel and vessel for love is a remarkable gift that I hope will radically change my student’s lives. I provide tools and connections that will allow my students to continue their journey when they leave my space. When I began Reiki years ago it introduced me to my true purpose as an energy practitioner, I can only hope to spark the light in all of those attending my class to chase their purpose.”