“Melissa has been an amazing addition to my world! As someone who came to her with fairly good knowledge of nutrition, she’s provided me insight that has helped me to create a much healthier relationship not only with food but also with myself! The integration of Melissa‘s tips and tricks and her techniques have helped me to explore my underlying emotions and separate them from past believes that were keeping me from feeling the best I could!

In addition, the integration of oils and other supplements from dōTERRA have really allowed me to improve my physical health. For the first time in 22 months, my liver enzymes have stabilized. Nothing else had worked, medications, biopsies, strict rigid diet or supplements. I am so thankful that Melissa has given me a new opportunity for energy, strength, and health!”

“I have received thoughtful and profound health and healing advice from Melissa many times. She calls on her many skills and experiences to get straight to the core of an issue. Melissa has specifically helped me hone in on an underlying digestive condition rather than continue to blow it off as another bout of the flu. I am so grateful for her in my life.”

“I have done a few detoxes in the past with varying levels of success. From the start, this detox felt the most reasonable and easiest to follow. The ‘ease of use’ was wonderful, just shakes to add to my day versus supplements to keep track of and manage. Overall, I adapted to the dietary changes rather quickly. The shakes seemed to reduce the cravings I have struggled with in the past when trying to get away from sugar and make sustainable changes. I felt lighter and more grounded. I have battled eating disorders and body image issues most of my life. While on this detox (and continuing afterwards) I have felt peaceful about my relationship with food and my body. My perspective isn’t clouded with self-criticism and old negative self-talk. I now feel what foods work and don’t work for ME without the confusion of fad diets and trends.  I gained clarity on what my body feels like when healthy and well. I left behind the judgment and emotional interference that was layering misinformation and competing with what my body was telling me. About 5 days into the detox nagging inflammation and plantar fasciitis pain I had for years was gone. Simply gone. Mental fog lifted and I had a faster response to questions and more recall with memory all within the first 10 days. I highly recommend this detox for physical mental and emotional health.”

“I started seeing Melissa from Advanced Nutrition and Energetics 3 months ago for a multitude of reasons. I had had a total hysterectomy that same year and really wanted to figure out a way to keep the menopause symptoms at bay. I was also feeling really shaky and moody when I didn’t eat. I had never really been the type of person to be consistent when it came to taking vitamins/supplements but knew something needed to change for me to start feeling better. I was constantly tired and emotional. From the very first week of taking the supplements, Melisa had put me on, I saw an improvement with my symptoms and they have become consistently better!!! This past week I had my last scheduled visit and the results were amazing!! I feel so much better and will continue to have Melissa and Advanced Nutrition and Energetics as a part of my healthy lifestyle.”

“Before I came to see Melissa, I had acid reflux and heartburn on a daily basis. My sinuses were running and streaming down my face daily and non-stop. I had inflamed joints and itching with rashes on my upper body. After completing a detox program and being on a Nutrition Response Testing program, my acid reflux and heartburn are gone. My sinuses are clearer and not as runny. My joints don’t hurt as much and the itching is all gone! I am continuing on my program and look forward to seeing my results progress.”

“Before seeing Melissa, I suffered with digestive upset daily. Along with that, I was constantly fatigued and irritable. I soon found out I was pregnant just before my first appointment so I was determined more than ever to improve my health not only for me, but also for my baby. After four months of working with Melissa, I can honestly say I’ve never felt better. I have thoroughly enjoyed this pregnancy and cannot believe the improvements I’ve felt! She has provided me with the knowledge to take charge of my health and wellness and I am forever grateful for her! I’m looking forward to her support post partum and beyond!”